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St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
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7th December 2018
Mrs Smith Hello all! Thanks for another great week jam packed full of brilliant learning - as always! Well done Riley for his Star of the Week AND Writer award and to Lucie for winning headteacher award - they were both worthy winners. Next week we will be completing our Hola Mexico topic by pulling together our websites and finishing our Frida Kahlo inspired paintings. See you all on Monday.

Mrs Smith Another busy week in Owls. We have got stuck into learning about Mexico and completed some map work activities. We also went to St. Mary's Church for our Walk With session - take a look at the gallery to see what we did. We are now going to be moving onto persuasive writing and creating our own tourist website. Exciting times ahead!

Rehana This is my first time writing on the blog. Thanks Mrs Smith for teaching us my favourite topics so far. Please continue teaching us my favourite topics . Bye so excited for pe. Byeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Smith WOW! What a busy week. We started with our second art day of the year where we spent time exploring colour ready to begin our topic on Frida Kahlo. The following day was our WOW starter to our new topic - Hola Mexico. Thank you for all the hard work and enthusiasm.

Daniel M Loving are new topic. It is amazing! thanks staff for choosing it.

ruby daniel ....... I bet it was fun ....... i'm not being sarcastic

Daniel M Thanks Mrs Woods and Scarlett's Dad for taking us to christ Church Cathedral i loved it. #We will remeber them.

ruby well luka nice to see u on the blog and lukas right cant wait until next week like i always say: love you owl bye for now

luka Hi guys i'm doing some really interesting homework about animals in the war. Can't wait for next week thanks teachers!!

Mrs Smith Thanks Daniel. I am glad you enjoyed this week. I was so impressed with the writing done by everyone - they were so well thought out and showed that you had considered the reader.
This week, we will be finishing off our WW1 topic with a descriptive piece about the moment that Joey and Albert are reunited - I know it was a tense scene for us to watch.
We will also be welcoming Miss Jones who will be teaching with me for the next 6 weeks! Exciting times ahead.

Daniel M Great week back already done loads thanks Mrs Smith for the challenges can't wait for skill force on Monday

Mrs Smith This week we have continued with our WW1 topic. We have looked at the relationship between Albert and Joey and written a diary entry for the day that Joey was sold to war.
Thank you for all your hard work this term. Have a fab break ready for your return.

ruby R-J hiiiii well done scarlett and luka and lucie for achieving your 10 and 25 metres wish me good lock for my 25 metres next week love you owls see you next time byeee

Mrs Smith This week we started our WW1 topic. We had a WW1 day on Monday where we were joined by a visitor who taught us about four different aspects of the war: road to war, home front, muck and bullets and the guns fall silent. We then visited the National Memorial Arboretum to learn about remembrance.
Big well done to Scarlett who earned her 25 metres for swimming.

Mrs Smith Another brilliant busy week in Owls class. We packed so much in and everyone worked hard to finish off our Defenders of the Faith topic and what a topic it's been! We finished off the week writing and recording our section of the phase 3 audio guide for St Mary's Church, Banbury. Mr Smith is now editing it ready for the big reveal during our expo on Wednesday 10th October - we are really looking forward to seeing you there.
On Monday, we begin our Fallen Fields topic with a visit from a re-enactment company as well as looking forward to our visit on Thursday. We will also start watching War Horse this week but if you can't wait, take a look at this video which shows you how the puppets from the show work:
Ethan - it is so nice to hear from you and I'm glad all is going well in secondary school.

Zaynab hey everyone I can't wait to do the audio recording thing I can't wait thank you Mrs Smith for making us have a amazing topic

Mrs Smith Nice to hear from you Kuba. Well done Ruby for blogger of the week - you deserved it. No one seems brave enough to take on your multiplication challenge! Hopefully someone will this week.
Well done also to those who helped out and took part in the sports activities on Friday - I am looking forward to seeing more people join in this Friday.

Ethan allitt Hi mrs smith and year 6. I'm going to bgn and I'm loving every second of it. The subject I mostly is music. Trust me it's better than you think at bgn. Hope everything is well at st Mary's like it is at bgn. Oh yeah i passed my sats which and made me more of an active learner. So if you be positive about learning you'll pass too. Trust me. Anyway Goodbye mrs Smith and year 6

ruby i cant believe i got blogger of the week its amazing yay

ruby thanks kuba we will thank you very much for saying that i hope secondary school is going good have a good day

ruby who can find the answer to 2687 x 34

Kuba Sroka Good day its me Kuba and Poland has been fun and challenging. best of luck past year five... Your going to need it!

ruby hi everyone i loved p.e today it was amazing i really want the book of wonder because I HAVE A GOOD IDEA

Mrs Smith Well done Zaynab!
Also well done to all of year 6 on a fantastic swimming lesson today. I was particularly proud of those in the training pool as you were all brave and took risks to help improve your skills.
Well done also to those who received certificates! Max, Luka and Daniel for their confidence and Riley for his 25m.
Excited for more achievements next week!

Zaynab Mrs Smith I have found out the answer of the question it's 15038

Mrs Smith
Well done for a great start to year 6. The first person to tell me what 34,397-19,359= will earn 10 house point. Good luck.

Mrs Di Giorno
You looked brilliant in SkillForce today. Your gutterball was particularly impressive. Keep working as a team Year 6.

so happy that rio and the others and others are house captains :)

Daniel M
Hi everyone well done to Rio, Riley, Zaynab, Scarrlett on becoming house captains. Had a great first week. #st Mary's rules

Hi i'm really liking y6 and i think its fun but challenging i like to here people saying well done y6 and im so happy that im finally in y6 and to do well on my sats

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