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St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
Swallow Class: Year 4
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13th December 2018
LINE MISS EADS can you pleas come wen you have time pleas pleas pleas
i rely like the Christmas cad

Shabina K I really enjoy our topic and i cant wait for expo day i also can not wait to cook guacamole. I also cant wait for ART DAY on Friday! But i will also miss mis Edse. I really like our topic and also i loved cooking and doing Art.Im also wating for Friday ART DAY!!!! I cant wait for Expo day and show our parent our Art work and cook with them. Thank you soooooo much mrs Di Gorno for planning all this excitement.

LINE I cant wat to watch the move coco. I enjoyed Art PE

Amani I have seen them before.

LINE In music I know what P and F mean F mean LOUD and P means quit.

Mrs Di Giorn Hi Amani, I looked on CBBC and found Art Ninja, Blue Peter and In the workplace. I'll show you them tomorrow at school.

Amani I enjoyed tasting food to day it was fun. I don't know any non-fiction tv programs. Can you name some please?

Amani I enjoyed art and PE

Mrs Di Giorno Great to see you engaging with our blog Amani. I'm pleased you're enjoying revisiting the column method for subtraction. It can be tricky to remember to exchange but with hard work and determination we'll get there!

Amani Today I enjoyed doing maths I enjoyed the colum method

Amani I wrote 5 facts in my homework book about Mexico because i couldn't remember them in my head. I enjoyed panting today I can't wat till we start to painting ourselves. I can't wait for the next music session and I can't wait to put the poppy seeds around the trench.

Mrs Di Giorno Year 4 were fantastic today; they thought about how mistakes help us to learn. They know feedback helps them improve and they are on a journey. They know that they have to develop a growth mind set to make the greatest progress possible. Great learning Swallows!

Matthew M I really enjoyed digging the trench can't wait to do it again next Friday.

Mrs Di Giorno Year 4 you have wowed me with your descriptive writing about the trenches. I really have enjoyed reading how you weave factual information into your descriptions. In maths we have been plotting coordinates and learning about clockwise and anti clockwise turns. Practise your quarter, half, three quarter and full turns. Why not play with a member of your family? You all loved learning about performance poetry in Guided reading. Try watching Michael Rosen performing Macavity on the BBC Off by heart website. Please remember your PE kits and outdoor learning kits every week so that you can be fully involved with your learning.

Miss Hussain Dear Swallows, I hope you enjoyed this morning! It was tricky digging the trench, good luck for the rest of the week.
PS. Thank you Zofia for inviting me to your harvest festival, I had a great time.

Swallow Class This morning, we enjoyed trench digging on the school field. We found hidden treasure! We are looking forward to more digging on Friday.

Mrs Di Giorno Thank you to all the families who came to our EXPO today. We loved having you in Swallow class and joining in with our learning. This afternoon we began digging our trench. We were very excited and worked hard as a team to cut the turf and start digging. I have put some photos on the gallery pages - watch our progress as the topic goes on.

Zofia Last Saturday a special Polish celebration took place, traditionally called "Dożynki", which could be translated as the Harvest Festival. In my country for centuries people were gathering together when harvesting was finished and celebrated together all their hard work and were thankful to God for the abundand harvest. Year 2018 is very significant for Poles as it is 100th anniversary of regaining independence of Poland. We are very happy and honoured that this year Mayor of Banbury Mrs Shaida Hussain joined our celebration.

Mrs Di Giorno Swallow class you have learnt so much about Saints; you understand that their words and actions can influence the behaviour of others and that standing up for what you believe can be challenging. On Monday we will be joined by two history experts to begin our WW1 topic with another great WOW. Remind your families to join us (Years 4,5 and 6) for our first EXPO of the year on Wednesday morning.

Zofia Today I went to the Safeguarding children in Banbury I colurd in my face then mrs Di Giorno so we toluoed echother things what we ar going to do in the afternoon .Then me , Jan and granny went to the goguls, the goguls made everything look difront . Next welooked at ouer work about alcichol .Finely ,I dress t up as a firewomen (it was to small). wen I was tolking to the fireman mis woods came .I rilly injoid that.

Mr Probert Great Music session this morning Swallow Class. Hope you enjoyed it. Lots of fun activities uploaded to Charanga Music World for you to enjoy at home.

Mrs DG Thank you Ethan I loved working with you and seeing you grow in confidence over the year. I'm so glad you're enjoying BGN; they are lucky to have you.

Ethan allitt Hi Mrs Di Giorno it's going really well at BGN and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my sats test and making me believe myself that I would pass them and I did. It has made me such and active learner and made me believe in myself that I can do the same thing with my exams tests. Thank you

Mrs Di Giorno Fantastic music lesson today - you listened well and learnt three new words - crotchet, minim and semi breve. Look for the video and photos in our gallery.

Mrs Di Giorno and Mrs Reeves
To start our WOW day for our new topic, Defenders of the Faith we thought about the qualities that make a person a good person. This is what we came up with;
honesty       truth       showing endurance       working as a team       showing compassion       being loyal       friendly       helpful       being kind       polite       thoughtful       patience       showing an interest       sharing       encouraging       thankfulness       giving       love       hope       wisdom       forgiveness       listener       peace
We then looked at other Christian Values.

Mrs Di Giorno and Mrs Reeves Wow what progress with your art drawing skills today. You used the video to help you think about the shapes, you experimented with the shading and you took the critique from your class members really well.
We are proud of you Swallow class.

Swallow Class
Wow Day

"It was good because I had lots of fun." Stephanie
"It was really cool as I learnt stuff that I didn't know. I now know how my heart beats." Joshua
"I felt like I was the blood travelling through my body while finding out amazing facts." Daisy
"I really enjoyed measuring the height of myself and my friends." Daniel B
"I found learning when doing the experiments really exciting." Finley
"My favourite activity was the digestive system. I didn't realise that my stomach was smaller than I thought." Alfie
"I really enjoyed our WOW day as it was nice to see everyone dressed up in their medical costumes." Matthew
"I didn't know that my heart is the same size as my fist." Line
"I enjoyed finding out the different parts of the heart." Chloe
"I enjoyed making a model of the circulatory system." Ibrahim
"Making our own model of the lungs was my favourite activity." Zofia
"I made my lungs out of balloons." Daniel L

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