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St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
Swan Class: Year 3
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12th December 2018
Ava I loved tasting the food on Tuesday and i loved making our own salsa.It is going to be great on Friday for our worship and I have been practicing for it.I hope Mrs Allum is going to bless back today because I have missed her. I'm extremely exited because I really want to do some more cooking linked to our hola Mexico because I like cooking a lot although I do like counting up and down in Spanish see you all today by.

Ava I loved tasting the food yesterday.l hope you get better soon Mrs Allum.l wonder what we will be doing tomorrow.iv had a great week at school and I'm really looking forward to doing our worship.I know it's going to be a great week and I'm loving all the thing that we are doing about hola Mexico.See everyone tomorrow and I'm going to see Mrs Allm tomorrow because I have missed her allot and I hope we e doing some more cooking.Iknow iv said this already but it's just because I practice allot at home whith my words for our worship and I love doing Zumba and pe and I love all of the teachers in the school.

Ummaiyah I enjoyed school it was amazing oh yea I enjoyed tasting the food it was nice

Ummaiyah I really enjoyed school Today

Ummaiyah I really like my teacher mrs Alum

jess H i rally miss you but ive been readig a lot.

Ummaiyah I really enjoyed homework and creative curriculum. I liked English because it was fun and I liked the project. I liked the English homework it was fun

Ava I had a great time preforming tonight

Mrs Allum Well done Swans for another fantastic week. We have been working very hard thinking about remembrance and the children have produced some fantastic letters and artwork. We have also been singing our remembrance service songs and its fantastic to hear so many of you singing so well. Looking ahead to next week we will be starting our Hola Mexico topic with an awesome art day all about colour wheels and our Wow Day learning all about Mexico... can't wait!

Mrs Allum What a fantastic first week back after half term and great to see all the children back at school. Thank you again for perfect school uniform, book bags every day and PE kits. Can I remind parents that our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. As we move into colder times it would be great if children could have appropriate outdoor clothes (coats, hats, gloves, scarfs) but please can they be named, We have been working hard this week thinking about life in the trenches in our work on World War One and thinking about Right Angles and positional language in our PE lessons. We also had an interactive food morning on Wednesday. Thank you so much to the students who voted for my team (team Orange) to win the taste test - it is amazing what you can cook in 15 minutes. I will certainly be trying the recipe at home with my family and it's all healthy fresh ingredients too! Thinking about healthy ingredients we had a whole class Zumba warm up in our PE lesson this week and it was great to see the whole class taking a full and active part - we certainly had fun!
Looking forward to another fun packed week next week and our special Remembrance Service!

Mrs Allum Aww, Glad to hear to it Jess - Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Jess H I can't wait for school

Mrs Allum I am glad you had fun Ava, You are almost right - we learnt about where WW1 was in history and we thought about how Queen Victoria died in 1901 and that World War War started in 1914 only 13 years later! Good Remembering.

Ava I've had lots of fun drawing poppies and learning about remembrance day and I know that queen Victoria was killed and that's when the war started.

Mrs Allum What a fantastic first term we have had in Swan Class. Thank you all for your hard work and awesome learning. I hope you all have a fantastic half term and a well deserved rest ready for some more exciting World War One learning when we come back. Thank you to all of your who continue to bring in your book bags, PE kit and have perfect school uniform every day - we very much appreciate it.
So lovely to see so many of you writing on our blog too - I love hearing your ideas and look forward to reading more of your comments over the half term break.

jess H i have ralley enjoyed this term - i love mathes

Jess h In jan all cold but thay start warin

Jess H At school i find it very easy in maths but I find English and guided reading hard.

jess H I love that i am a value chapion of compton when my name was call out i was so surprise.

Mrs Allum So lovely to see so many of you writing on our class blog! Great to see that Zach earned Blogger of the week this week! - Keep up the blogging Swans - I love hearing about what leaning you are enjoying and the things your looking forward to - next week should be super fun! See you all on Monday !

Ava Getting really exited to do some more work on ww1.I also loved when we got a visite from two amazing people who no alot of things about World War One.

Ava Hi everybody getting really really really exited to make the bug hotel.

Eden Hello everybody .I have really enjoyed doing things on Rainbow fish and I will be looking forward to learning more about WW1.

Ava I really liked our World War One visit.

Zach Our World War One visit was really exciting! I learnt all about the trenches. They had rations and rations are basically where you have to make one piece of food last for a week.

Swans class Blog update!
We have been having a very busy but exciting week with our learning. Thank you so much to all the get well wishes I had from my class - I am feeling so much better now! It has been lovely to see so many of you having a go at blogging at home - please keep it up!
This week we had our very special World War One day on Monday ready to start our learning all about Remembrance, have a look at our gallery for some pictures. I was so impressed with how well the children responded to the learning on offer here. Well done Swans you worked thoughtfully thinking carefully and showing our school values in what is a challenging subject to learn about.
We are looking forward to our Expo day on Friday where we open our classroom door to all those adults who support you at home. You are very much welcome to come and take part in our Maths and English learning in the morning.
Only one more week to go till half term - I can barely believe how quickly it has gone – it is s true what they say 'time flies when you're having fun'.
Mrs Allum

Mrs Allum Hey Jess and Ava!
Lovely to hear that you also enjoyed the cross country Jess and I love the fact you were excited to come to school today Ava.
Also, looking forward to seeing what we can make for the St. Mary's bugs in our Outdoor Learning tomorrow too!

jess H i realley enjoy cross country so murch !!!!

Ava I'm am exited to go to school today.

Ava Hi everyone I'm really exited to build our bug hotel

Mrs Allum Wow Ava and Zach lovely to see you posting on the weekend - let's see if a member of Swan class could earn the title blogger of the week! Well done Zach on some pre learning for World War One - you are right it was a 100 years ago - do you know what special name we give to remembrance this year as it was a 100 years ago? Looking forward to all the exciting learning on offer in our wow day tomorrow - have a lovely rest of your weekend!

Ava hi I am having a great weekend and I also love learning French whith miss steargen.

Zach Hi everyone. I'm really looking forward to learning about World war 1. I found out it finished 100 years ago and I really enjoyed learning about different religions and how they linked to water. It was good when me, Jess H and Jess F and Hayden and Charlie were helping the Year 1's with the journey sticks. And i really like doing French with Mrs Sturgeon. We learnt how to say How are you and hello and Salut!

Ava YOU to and hope you can have a beter week starting from Monday to Friday. Hope you have a great week. I also am getting exited for world war one. This Monday I hope you wont have to move any body to amber.

Mrs Allum Thank you Ava! Feeling much better today and even have some voice back! Very much looking forward to our special WoW day on Monday learning all about World War One and can't wait to get back to school and see you all. Have a lovely weekend

Ava it was also hard to try my best againsed the older kids but it was still lots of fun.

Mrs Smith You did brilliantly Ava. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ava This has been the best week and I also hope you will get beter soon. This has been a great start to the year getting everything ready and I also had lots of fun at cross country.

Swans class Blog update!
Such fun and games we have been having in Swan class this week with our Cross Country event coming up this week and our paired reading last Friday we have had so many chances to show our school values in action and it's great to see so many swans rising to the occasion.
We had a shared class worship with year 4 this week and it was lovely to welcome the year 4s into our worship and share our ideas and learning together. We were thinking all about the fruits of the Holy Spirit and how these help us to be the best versions of ourselves we can. We linked this learning to our theme on creation and thought about how lucky we are, at this time of year, to have so much food ready available to us.
Even with sniffles, coughs and colds swans are really showing that we can be the best that we can be in all our learning and I would like to say a huge thank you to all those mums and dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, careers and anyone who has a hand in helping supporting our class with this - we know it's a family effort to come into school even when you are not feeling your best and thank you to all of those who do this every day.
Finally, I would like to say it was a huge privilege to be voted this week's adult of the week – thank you to all of you who nominated me - it left me feeling very warm and fuzzy all weekend!
Looking forward to all the adventures next week.
Mrs Allum

Mrs Allum Wow Jessica, this makes me feel so warm and fuzzy to read! Thank you for all your hard work too!

jess H hi everyone i have had a good start to the year. I love school becouse i like all the new stuff we do.

Swans class Blog update! 'What's in the box?' the children asked with great excitement as our brand new PE House T-Shirts arrived this week. How smart all the children will look! We have decided to keep our special PE shirts in school where we will wash them as and when they are needed.
The children have been working super hard this week thinking about how to improve our writing by adding in adjectives and similes – you could say we have been as busy as bees! Our work on Water and its symbolism in religion is well under way and this week we focused on Christian Baptism. The children have been thinking about what water might symbolise for Christians and how this is shown through the ritual of Baptism.
We have also been practicing for cross country and were excited to show our school value of endurance in action during this PE lesson as we discovered how far year 3 and 4 have to run if they are selected to take part! It also made me feel very proud to see so many of the children showing compassion supporting each other and cheering everyone on. Looking forward to another fun packed week next week.
Mrs Allum

Ava I really liked water wow day because it was really fun to do all the activities
Swans class Blog update! Water, water everywhere... What an exciting wow day we had on Tuesday! Working across year 2 and 3 we explored water in its many different forms and it was so lovely to see everyone having such a great time learning practically and showing our school values in action. Check out our gallery page for lots of lovely pictures!
We have also had a whole school art day where we worked on pencil skills and portraits - Swan class is full of so many little artists and I was overwhelmed by the determination the children showed by keeping on trying and honing their skills.
After these very exiting days we then settled down into our Water topic exploring how water is used as a symbol in many different religions. Over the next coming weeks we will be exploring Christianity in detail looking at how water is used in baptism and bible stories.
Thank you once again to all of you who come to school every day in perfect school uniform with your full and complete PE kit and your reading records - it is very much appreciated!
Can't wait for next week!
Mrs. Allum

Swans class Blog update!
Wow! What an exciting first few weeks back to school. I love my new role as year 3 teacher and swan class are absolutely awesome! We have been super busy thinking all about water safety in our first few days back and this week all about Smoking and the effects it has on you and those around you. We read a class story together and thought all about how habits are formed and how some are good and some are bad. We made a giant cigarette to go on display and filled it with all the things that the chemical's inside cigarettes are also used for. We were surprised to discover that the chemicals for poison and batteries are also found in cigarettes!
We have also been getting fit and active very much enjoying some fun work outs and making sure that we work our bodies and our brains! Swan class have also been thinking about growth mindset and we learned all about the power of YET! So when we find something that is challenging instead of saying 'I can't do it' we now say 'I can't do it yet!'
Can't wait for another fun packed week next week - Thank you to everyone who has brought their reading records, PE kits and come to school in perfect school uniform every day this week. You are super stars!

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