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St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
Robin Class: Year 2
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10th July 2019

Mrs Thom This week, we have had great fun outside learning about capacity and volume. We made an energy drink for a monster, measuring different amounts of ml to create the drink! In RE, we have been talking about special journeys and what journeys are important to Muslims. Ask your child what they can remember about our learning.


Mrs Thom This week, we have had a visitor from South Africa, Mzizzi in our classroom. Check out the gallery for videos and pictures. In Maths, we learnt how to use numberlines...on Monday, we thought this was difficult to do... On Tuesday, we were getting more confident, but still found it tricky. By Wednesday, we could use a numberline and 100 square to count on! What was your favourite activity this week?

Mrs Thom This week, we will be exploring different features in geography. We will learn what is man made (a human feature of the landscape) and what is a physical feature (a natural feature of the landscape). Today, we sorted photographs of different features (sea, beach, city, factory) and completed a puzzle picture highlighting the different features. In Maths, we are reviewing adding and take away as well as the link between multiplication and division. In English, we are continuing to write our own lost toy story.. this week we're writing about when the poor toy gets lost!!


Mrs Thom Leo, so glad to hear that you and Horton had a fab time in school. I thought those teddy bears were very good sharing their picnic with you!!
This week, we have focused hard on writing our opening to our lost teddy story. We thought carefully about using captials and full stops and remembering to write our story using the PAST tense (was not is, had not had). This week is also our Robin's Worship so we hope to see you Friday afternoon at school for 2.45

Leo I liked bringing my bear Horton into school! The picnic and teddy bear races were fun and I liked it when we made pictures of our bears.

Mrs Thom What a great week to our final term together in Y2. We listen to our new story of the term, Dogger on Monday and absolutely loved it. You can see and hear it read here:
To celebrate our new learning focus, we all brought our teddies into school and treated them to a Teddy Bears' Picnic with running races as a treat at the end! Some of those teddies are very fast!!
For PE, we imagined we were a toy, moulded from playdough and experimented to see how we could bend, roll and move.
Finally this week, we have been learning about keeping ourselves safe; who we can talk to when we need help and knowing that when we are sad or alone, we can talk to our friends or a trusted adult.

Mrs Thom It's the end of our shortest term this academic year! However, we managed to learn all about plants and answer all the questions that we had in just 5 weeks. I hope the children enjoy the May Day Revels tomorrow and have fun and safe half term. Ms Gascoigne and I look forward to welcoming you back for our final term in Y2.


Mrs Thom Thanks Emilie Mae and James for adding to our blog as part of your homework. I'm glad to see that you've learnt about how to plant your own plants from this science topic.
Leo - Coding is fun, I agree!
This week, in PE, we learnt about swinging our arms high and low depending on the speed of our movement so if we were walking, we would swing our arms low and if we were running, we would swing our arms high, almost to our nose!
We have absolutely loved watching our bean sprouting roots and this week, we have been able to transplant each seedling into it's own pot. Some of them have grown so tall, just in a plastic bag, with water and cotton wool!
What's been your favourite part of this week?
In maths, we've been practising our 2, 5, and 10x and 2, 5, 10 divide tables using a maths game called Hit the Button, which is a free online game. So far, our top score in the class is 30/30 correct answers in 1 minute.... can anyone beat that?

Emilie-Mae To plant a seed you must put the seed in a pot and cover it with soil. You then need to water the seed and place it in the sun. The seed will then grow into a pretty flower.

James James says he gets a seed and some compost into a pot and water it, it will grow into a nice sunflower

Leo I liked demonstrating coding with Mrs Gascoigne, I like coding because it's fun science!

Mrs Thom For our first day back, we measured how far we could jump in our maths/PE lessons, using a meter ruler to read in cms. In English, we read all about honeybees as that was one of our first questions when we began our Ready Stead Grow topic. We practised finding the answers to retrieval questions in the text, rather than making up our own answers.

Mrs Thom Amelia - what a great idea! I bet the animals are happier now you have cleaned up their habitat. Leo - It is exciting isn't it to watch them grow...I wonder how quickly it will grow from now on.
This week, we have a surprise trip to the Banbury Community Gardens on Bridge Street, where the children were able to interview a gardener, learn about how seeds become plants and identify what is needed in the environment for a plant to survive. They all had a great time at the gardens and behaved brilliantly!

Leo I really liked planting runner beans and can't wait to see how big they grow!

Amelia On Sunday, me and my mummy went litter picking around our park to help save the environment and the animals. When we got home we made our #projectlittercritter. We made a turtle. I was proud of our work.

Mrs Thom
That sounds like great fun, Ivy!

For our first week back, we performed fabulously at our Easter service. I am so sorry that I wasn't there to see you, but unfortunately I wasn't very well. I can't wait to hear all about it though when I see you next week.

This week in maths, we've been naming 2D and 3D shapes, remembering the new maths words such as 'vertex' which means point or corner of a shape. If it is more than 1 corner or vertex, we call it vertices or corners. We also noticed that the number of sides of a shape is also the number of vertices when thinking about a:

pentagon (5)
hexagon (6)
octagon (8)


Ivy This halftime we made slime . The second week we are going to centre parcs, the activity I will do is crazy science.

Ivy I loved making our imaginary animals and their habitats and it was lots of fun. I would love to do it again and if we do I will make it even better. I loved it very much.

Mrs Thom
For our Easter service at the start of next term, we have been learning the song, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, which is a song written based on a bible story of Elijah going up to heaven. You can practice the song by visiting this Youtube link and singing along:

There are some useful websites that children can access on an IPad or laptop to help with reading and spelling at home, if you wish.

Here are some links: (suitable for Y1 and Y2) (aimed at Y2) (spelling games) (Lots of English activity)

Apps - Teach your monster how to read (paid) - useful if not confident readers
Website which are tablet friendly -

Mrs Thom Ivy, great to hear that you enjoyed it so much! I love the name of your creature too!

This week, we have been continuing to think carefully about answering questions linked to what we have read. We are getting much better at finding the answers in the words, rather than making guesses and not referring to the text.

We had a busy Art day, creating dragonflies for our reflections area, using different patterns and art techniques such as folding and overlapping.

Let me know what was your favourite part of this week?

Sarah Jackson Ivy told me all about the habitat she created for her imaginary animal, she wanted to create her own animal so she could use her imagination and be 'unique'. Ivy's spickasaures likes to relax so Ivy made sure the habitat was comfy, ivy put in a pool, bed & a big bean bag chair. Ivy had lots of fun doing this exercise.

Leo I liked doing fun maths with chocolate buttons and creating imaginary animals. My animal lived in a habitat called Candyland with orange juice puddles! I also found a little creature that was like a bee when we were exploring outside.

Mrs Thom This week, the children had great fun exploring the micro habitats that could be found around our school grounds as part of our outdoor learning.

We have also met 5 doggie characters who are helping us with our reading comprehension... can the children remember their names?

Vocabulary Victor - he helps use find specific words in a text
Rex the Retriever - he helps us find the exact answer in a text
Predicting Pip - she helps us guess what might happen next from what we have read so far
Sequencing Suki - she helps us order different events in the story
Detective Bloodhound - he helps us work out answers that aren't so easy to spot.

These characters are helpful when explaining to the children the different comprehension skills needed in Year 2. Please ask if you would like more information.

Ms Scott Hi Robins, thank you for a lovely morning yesterday. You did some great work on fractions, using counters to find 1/2 and 2/4 and finding out they are the same. You also had some impressive (including using the word impressive) ideas to describe what you can do in Banbury when writing letters to Sunny. I'm sure he would want to visit. See you next week.

Mrs Thom Many thanks to those parents who attended the Y2 SATS parents information meeting. For those of you unable to attend, I will send out a few helpful hints about how you can support your child at home as parental involvement can be so helpful in supporting your children to progress.

Also, I mentioned a website in the meeting -, which provides a free E-library for parents (once you have logged in). This will read stories to the children in English and support their pronunciation of words.

Please do ask if you need help accessing this.

Leo I had fun on our nature hunt today and liked looking at the trees, bushes and different leaves and twigs. My favourite thing was finding different things and being outside in nature.

Mrs Thom This week, we are learning about the purpose of postcards. We will be making our own Lift the Flap Postcard to reveal what needs to be included in a postcard. In maths, we are starting to look at fractions again and find fractions of amounts and shapes. Our curriculum focus is habitats and knowing why certain animals are suited to where they live.

Mrs Thom Ivy, I am so pleased you enjoyed it. I thought hearing the lion's roar was amazing too!

Ivy I had a great day at the zoo and wen we saw the lions and 1 of the lions was following the other one. We orso we saw 1 lion roar and it was amazing I love ed it.

Mrs Thom Great to hear that Leo enjoyed his trip on Monday to see the animals. What was your favourite part? Write here and let us all know.
It was a fun filled afternoon today with an interactive science Kahoot quiz, helping us learn about different habitats followed by whole school pancake races to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

Leo I had a great time at Cotswold Wildlife Park. My favourite animals were the lions, penguins and the meerkats..... they are adorable!

Mrs Thom We had a great morning today....discovering messages on the website and around the school. Here's some comments about what we thought...
Ethan - We found postcards.
Emilie Mae - We got a present from Sunny and we got a teddy.
Charles - We've been finding postcards and it was amazing!
Leo - We've been looking for postcards on the playground and on the field and it was an amazing day.
Arjun - We had a book about Sunny and a teddy from Sunny.
Raees - Sunny gave us a teddy bear and some people went to the office to get the package and it was a book.
James - Sunny bought us a teddy.
Victoria - We were finding postcards on the playground and field and Sunny made a card and we found some clues and we made a sentence out of the cards.

Leo I enjoyed learning about healthy food last week. We learned that sugar makes your teeth decay and that you need to eat 5 fruit and vegetables each day because they are good for you!

Mrs Thom Great to hear that you're excited about school Ivy! I hope you enjoyed them. We had a great day on Monday, sharing our riddles with our families and friends and creating healthy wraps to enjoy after some exhausting juggling practice. It was great to see so many children dress up for our Circus theme day. On Wednesday this week, we dedicated a whole day to exploring sculptures and creating our own circus themed sculptures.

Ivy I am so exited for Monday and Wednesday because we will be doing fun activities and it's gowing to be amazing. l no the circus day is gowing to be brilliant day!

Mrs Thom
Thanks Razeena and Leo for your blog posts! Superstar stickers to you both!
We've had another busy week!
In English, we have been writing our poems in neat, ready to be delivered to the printers. We are sure that you will love reading our work.
We also tried a spellling game on the Ipads, which you may want to try at home too.
In Maths, we have been looking at part part whole models (ask if your child can show you) and bar models.
Ask if they can draw 5 + 7 = 12 as a part part whole model (3 bubbles) and a bar model (3 bars).
We have looked at number bonds - Have a go here and seen how number facts are linked.
We have also enjoyed trying out some static balances in PE.

Razeena Fatima Hey guys its me Razeena i would like to thank my teacher Mrs Thom and Mrs Finch thank you for the great time and the wonderful teaching and a stunning experience remember PEACE OUT

Leo For my healthy meal, I chose pasta Bolognese. First we chopped onion and garlic and then added minced beef, chopped up tomatoes and some herbs. We then put it all in the slow cooker to cook all day and ate it with pasta and grated cheese. It was very yummy! Leo

Mrs Finch What a fantastic week learning about where different foods come from and having an exciting afternoon tasting lots of different foods - I really liked the cheese and the tomato. Which food did you like best? Which foods do you think you would like to use to make a healthy wrap?

Mrs Thom
Another day at the Circus!!
The children absolutely loved all the activities, such as spinning plates... while rolling about on the floor, catching tricks by flicking our wrists, walking on stilts to name but a few! The smiles in the room were so lovely to see - check out the gallery to see them.
Special mention to Emilie-Mae who was able to walk 69 steps on the stilts - a St Mary's record!!
It's been a great start to our Circus topic with more fun planned tomorrow... ask your child about pass the parcel?!

Mrs Thom
This week, we have been learning...
what makes a question sentence?
Looking at what different food groups there are
knowing what tens and ones make up certain numbers
- look here to play a game to try
The circus came to town and you can see from our fabulous photos we had a brilliant time. We balanced feathers on our faces, tried to walk on stilts, practised our juggling and even had a go at throwing a diabolo.

Mrs Thom In maths this week, we have been reminding ourselves about place value and how to create numbers using tens and ones. We played this game with numbers up to 99
Why not play at home and see if you can avoid the shark's bite?
We also looked at 'magic maths' today, hiding counters under a cup and guessing, based our knowledge of number bonds, what was the hidden total.

Mrs Thom They did it! After weeks of hard effort, our children performed a fabulous nativity this week, over 3 performances for the children in the school and for parents and carers too. All the teacher were immensely proud of them, as it can be daunting standing up in front of an audience. Brilliant singing too and excellent instrumental accompaniment by Ms MacMillan, Isabelle and Ivy on the bells, Isadora on the block and Charles and Brooke on the glockenspiel.
Check out our cast photos on the gallery.

Mrs Thom This week, we have continued to practice our Nativity performance and we are very much looking forward to sharing it with you next week.
In Maths, we have been learning to tell the time, using our clocks practically, drawing hands on clock faces and using a great website, which also helps us practise reading the time in words. Give it a go at home!
In music, we have practised creating our own rhythms, using the names of puppets. Ask your children how they would say the rhythm... scary lion!

Mrs Thom We have had a good week, practising our nativity. Well done to those children who know their lines. Please check if your child knows their lines as everyone has at least 1. Ask if you would like us to give you a new copy of their words.
In maths, we have been learning about weight, comparing what is heavier and lighter and using grams and kilograms.
In PE, we have been practising our yoga moves... check out our photos.
In curriculum lessons, we have been learning about belonging to communities and how Christians show belonging to Christianity. We have looked at how
Christians celebrate Christmas and when relevant talked about how other religions celebrate their important festivals.

Mrs Thom Our nativity performances will be Monday 17th in the afternoon of the last week and Tuesday 18th at 9.30 am.

Mrs Thom Well, our nativity practice has begun! We have listened to the playscript, learnt the Christmas story and now started to practice our lines. All children have had a copy of their lines sent home TODAY, so please practise their loud and clear voices!!

Mrs Thom This week has been our final week learning about all our science topic; Materials. We had a fab WOW day to start our topic last week and have since learnt about man made and natural materials, tested our predictions about waterproof and absorbent materials as part of our outdoor learning lessons and are writing our own non fiction books. We have learnt about different features of a non fiction book; why not pop to the library and find your own non fiction books there to have a look at?
Or visit to sign up to a whole library of free E books, including fiction and non fiction.
This website is fantastic as you can hear the book read or read it yourself!

Mrs Thom This week in maths, we are learning about 2D shapes and 3D shapes. As it was our first lesson today for the topic, we needed to remember the names of shapes from Y1.
Use this game at home to help you practice. We played it today in school.
This is the website we also used to guess the shape, using shapes that we need to learn in Y2.

Mrs Thom Today was our Wow Start to our new topic, Marvellous materials.
We listened to a story, which the children thought they recognised... until they realised it was a twist on the familiar fairy tale! You can watch it here at home and either read with the sound down or listen to the story being read.
Then we did lots of different activities, seeing if we could identify different materials and their properties.
Ivy - I really enjoyed searching for shiny and smooth things with Mrs Thom because it was fun.
Lily - I have been having fun with Mrs Thom in our class.
Meteen - I liked the book
Hubert - I have enjoyed looking for soft things.
Patryk - I enjoyed being with Miss Bullard because we were sorting things.

In the afternoon, we investigated building houses from different materials just like the 3 little wolves! We tried to blow down our straw houses using some huff and buff...from a hairdryer! We practised using our '3 little wolves' team building skills in the outdoor space to create houses from different materials. We investigated how plastic and foam bricks could be used to create different structures. Check out our gallery page for the photos from our wonderful wow day!

Mrs Thom We performed our Flo of the Somme in worship for the other children to see. Check out our video on the gallery page!

Mrs Thom Today was a fantastic day from start to finish! In our maths lesson, we showed that we are becoming more confident with fractions and can identify ½, ⅓ and ¼.
Write these fractions down using numbers (see above ) and ask your child to say if it's a half, third or quarter using these words here.
In English, we practised performing a poem about Flo of the Somme with actions and we were able to remember all of the words. Mrs Woods popped into see our performance and was so proud of us too!
In the afternoon, we had visitors from Abingdon army base to talk to us about how the jobs of the pigeons, donkeys and dogs in World War 1 have been replaced by modern technology. We asked lots of questions and listened really well. Look at our gallery page for some pictures. Finally, we created purple poppies to honour the fallen animals who have died in conflict. It was a busy day but there was such fabulous effort from the children.

Mrs Thom A typical busy Tuesday in Robin Class
We enjoyed listening to Mrs Thom read Zog by Julia Donaldson, jumping in with the rhyming words at the end of the sentences. We also learnt about rhyming words in our class story, Flo of the Somme.
In PE, we took a trip in a space ship, practising different yoga poses along the way!
In number knowledge, we recapped our understanding of number bonds by practising our song and played a very exciting game on the interactive whiteboard (see earlier blog post)...we shall see if we can improve next time we play!
Our handwriting is beginning to really improve with this really simple technique which we tried today...using a highlighter, we shaded in above the line. Then, we were careful to only write our letters within that highlighted section. Only tall letters called ascender letters like htl and descenders like jgypq 'poke' outside of the highlighted line. Try it at home and see the difference it makes to our handwriting... amazing!

Ivy I love learning about the dog flo & the Somme. I can't wait to find out more about it tomorrow

Mrs Thom Today we played this game and we really liked it.

Mrs Thom The children absolutely loved our number knowledge today; recapping our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and extending this to 20. Here is the link if you want to play at home

Sarah Thanks for the opportunity to see Leo and the other Robins hard at work for the Learning Expo morning :)

Emilie-Mae I really enjoyed WW1 day this week. I liked Jake holding the gun and I liked dressing up. I learnt that soldiers built trenches which they hid in from the enemy. I wish I was I the army.

Mrs Thom Today was a whole school WW1 day. Y2 and Y1 found out about how it all started in Sarajevo. See the pictures on our gallery page!
In the afternoon, we learnt about the Home Front back in Britain. We saw what little food people had to eat each week and we learnt about bombs being dropped on civilians. Well done Isabelle, who showed good knowledge by asking about suffragettes during our Home Front session. The final session was about soldiers and how they survived on the front line. We learnt lots and are now ready to start our WW1 topic next week.

Carla It's been a great week this week in our class as we ve begun writing our very own stories, based on the Rainbow Fish story. Our first sentence starts like this... In a dark, gloomy and scary forest, there lived a beautiful, golden and bronze bird, who had shimmering, shiny feathers, like a disco ball.... ask us what happens next! We have been thinking about using commas to separate our adjectives and using finger spaces and capital letters. In maths, we have been practising subtraction, using number lines, 100 squares and counting forward and back. You can see some photos of our lessons this week.
Lots of children are bringing in their reading books and reading records every day which is fantastic. Please try hard to do this as we like to read all the time!

Mrs Thom This week in maths, we've loved using the Ipads in our maths lessons to practice the addition objectives that we've been learning. One game we've particularly enjoyed can be found at this website.
We have been practising adding numbers IN ANY ORDER, so that 3+14 can become 14 + 3 , which is a lot easier to count on.
We have also been looking out for hidden number bonds so 16 + 7 can be re written as 16 + 4 + 3 as (4+3 = 7).
This would then become 16 + 4 = 20 + 3 = 23

Mrs Thom When we chatted about our water wow day, you all had lots of comments you wanted to share...
Hamza "My favourite part of the water day was when you put water in the cups and you had to run and get it to the other person."
James "The Lego was the best."
Oliver "my Lego bridge was the best and it was really cool."
Arjun "I liked it best when we were doing the boats."
Emilie Mae "I liked it when we were doing the chalk."
Hubert "I like the boats."
Lilly "I liked the bridge building when you have to make them out of newspaper."
Charles "I liked when we used the water with the guttering."
Leo "My favourite part was doing all the activities."
Why not add your thoughts about our Wow day to the blog!

Mrs Finch Wow Robins! What a fantastic start to the new school year!
We have had a brilliant two weeks learning about how to stay safe near water and learning about keeping safe around household products and peer pressure. What have you enjoyed learning about so far this term? Can you think of any safety tips to share on our blog?
Mrs Thom and I are really excited to begin our 'Wonderful Water' topic this week! Make sure you have a look on the Topic Zone for some useful links and videos to watch.

Mrs Thom We had a great day today for our first Art Day in Robins! We began our morning with a fun warm up activity, drawing with both hands at the same time. It really made us think about which marks we were making on the page, to create our image. Then we found about about how we can show one of our School Values, Endurance by watching a video about Austin, a little boy who doesn't give up. We learnt different Zentangle techniques and used different media (felt tip, crayon, pencil) to practice our creations. It was good fun to look at our work and tell our friends which ones we were most proud of. In the afternoon, we also completed another fun warm up activity, which was a little bit crazy! We had to draw a portrait of our friends...but without looking at the paper. We all found it a real challenge, but we did realise how important paying close attention to your drawing is! To finish off our day, we put all of our drawing practice and exploration to the test by creating our own Zentangle portraits, using a different media (photo) and our favourite Zentangle patterns.

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