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St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
Kingfisher Class: Year 1
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13th December 2018
CELINE blue and yellow make green

CELINE I rely enjoy doing fonics English maths art
Miss Bolard have a good Christmas sory i am not aloud to celabrat Christmas because i am going to ed so have a lovly time on Christmas and i will miss you see you soon

Miss Bullard Our Nativity performance will be Monday 17th December at 2:30pm and Tuesday 18th December at 9:30am.

Miss Bullard Brilliant work Caleb! I am pleased that you are enjoying having Bamboo to stay as well, I can't wait to hear about what you have been up to on Wednesday.

Caleb I liked playing the number bonds game I got 9/9 on one go and 10/11 when I did it again. Bamboo played with me, I love having him to stay.

Miss Bullard George that is fantastic! I am pleased that you are enjoying playing the number bonds game and have improved your score. Keep it up!

George Thank you pudsey - George wanted to write this himself! We played number bonds today & I scored 11 out of 18 on my first go then I got 15 out of 18 I love playing number bonds.

Miss Bullard Art Day
We had a fantastic art day on Monday in Kingfishers. We explored colour mixing and made colour wheels. We then used our colour mixing skills to create autumn leaf paintings thinking about the colours we needed to mix.
Caleb - Red and yellow make orange, I know from my mixing.
George - White can make it lighter.
Leona - Blue and yellow will make the colour green.

Miss Bullard I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! This week in maths we are looking at number and place value. The links below will take you to some fun games which you can play at home.

Miss Bullard Thank you George and Caleb for telling us what your have learnt about mercy dogs. This week we will be making purple poppies to help us remember the animals which lost their lives in the war.

Caleb Flo saved people who were injured in the war. When the war ended poppies grew.

Miss Bullard We have had a fantastic week in Kingfishers to start Autumn term 2. Well done to those of you who have handed in your reading book and reading record each day. Can you make sure you write a small comment with whoever you read with so we know that you have read at home. It is also helpful to write the pages you have read in your reading record as well. This means if you have not finished reading the book we will not change it. Keep up the fantastic reading, you are doing a great job! Have a lovely weekend and remember to wrap up warm and stay safe if you are going to any firework displays.

George The mercy dogs saved lives, because they helped people . They helped people by barking to tell people they were injured. They healed people.

George I cant wait for Halloween because I am going to a party and dressing up. I am going to a BIG fireworks display at Blenheim it's a big palace I can't wait to see lots of pretty fireworks. I can't wait until Christmas we are going to see a pantomime and we eat lots of food and get lots of presents. I love doing maths the best.

Miss Bullard I am really pleased that Caleb is enjoying learning about WW1. We will continue to learn about the war next week and after half term. That's really great to hear, I am glad you are enjoyed our reading time with year 4 as well.

Caleb Caleb has been enjoying history this week and told us that he's been learning about the war. He's also been enjoying reading with the year 4 children over the last few weeks.

Mrs Thom Today was a whole school WW1 day. Y2 and Y1 found out about how it all started in Sarajevo. See the pictures on our gallery page!
In the afternoon, we learnt about the Home Front back in Britain. We saw what little food people had to eat each week and we learnt about bombs being dropped on civilians. Well done Isabelle, who showed good knowledge by asking about suffragettes during our Home Front session. The final session was about soldiers and how they survived on the front line. We learnt lots and are now ready to start our WW1 topic next week.

Miss Bullard Kingfishers your homework has been amazing this week, and I can see you have been trying really hard with your home learning. Caleb, your parts of the body booklet is brilliant, well done! I look forward to seeing your homework next Wednesday. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Bullard I am very impressed with those of you who have got full outdoor learning kits in school. Please make sure you always have a full kit, which includes waterproof trousers, waterproof coat and wellies in school all the time.

Miss Bullard Hello Kingfishers! We have had a brilliant start to the term! I was very impressed with your art skills on Monday when drawing your portraits. We also had fantastic day yesterday dressing up as fictional super heroes and everyday super heroes to start our new topic, Super Me, Super You!

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