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St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School
Kilvrough - January 2019
Day four
Some very tired heads on Thursday morning as everyone got up and ready for canoeing. Another beautiful, dry if cold day but both teams set off with their boast for the canal.

Team work and communication were key to a successful day learning how to steer and negotiate the obstacles the water. As ever some were more natural sailors than others! No capsizing, a couple of stranded paddles and one brave sole taking the water jump. Then it was back to base for the last night of packing, tidying, cleaning, reviewing and another good night's sleep.

Tomorrow up early and out for a days coastal exploration before leaving the centre about 3.00pm with an ETA of 7.30 back at school at the end of an amazing week of wonderful adventures, and fantastic behaviours and attitudes from absolutely everyone

Day three
Today has been one of the most beautiful days on the Gower we can remember. The sun shone ALL day, there was not a cloud in the sky and not a breadth of wind - PERFECT for climbing, scrambling and abseiling.

A really short drive down to Pebbles beach and the 2 teams set up their ropes on the cliff faces. Everyone challenged themselves to climb up, not as easy as you may think. Trusting your friends with your be-lay line takes a lot of courage and communication. Once at the top getting down was easier for some than others, but everyone made it. One or two people are potentially Commandoes or James Bonds, but other perhaps need to stick to walking horizontally rather than vertically!

Abseiling 'over the edge' really tested a few people BUT with the encouragement of their friends and support of the adults everyone successfully abseiling down a sheer rock face - even Miss Ahmed!

There was some time for playing on the beach then back up to the centre for another hearty meal and out for a beautiful night walk up to Pennard Castle.

Tomorrow the weather looks really good again and it's canoeing time.

Everyone is sleeping well, keeping themselves well organised and eating everything in sight!

Photos do take a long time to upload here, so we will do our best to get them over to the website when we can, but they will all be available when we get home if not before.

Day two
Everyone has a good first night and slept well. Up at 7.30 and after a hearty breakfast it was off to get sorted with kit for caving.

After a quiet journey out to the caves, everyone struggled into their caving suit and down into the depths.......

There was not a single person who didn’t try everything! Lots of challenges, plenty of cold water and lots and lots of laughter and team work. All the adults were very proud of everyone.

After another big tea it was back outside to the woods. Amazing den building, a camp fire and more hot chocolate then time to get ready for bed. Rest and recuperation ready for day climbing and abseiling tomorrow.

Day one

We all arrived safely, even the couple who came later on with Mrs Woods. All traveled well and were excited to investigate the house and the grounds. After settling in with lunch, unpacking and getting kit issued, we split into our 2 teams and headed out to the grounds for some team building activity.

We all started to get to know each other well, and Sam and Alex, our instructors, were able to see what we are made of. After a good afternoon, we went in showered, sorted our rooms and had a hearty tea of chicken curry, salad and chocolate mousse.

Then we were back outside to do some orienteering in the grounds. By torchlight we found we are actually quite good at reading maps and Mrs Smith thinks we might all be remembering some of the mathematical and geographical skills we've been doing in the classroom!.

Then it was in to hot chocolate, PJs, teeth cleaning and bed. We are all going caving tomorrow... Night Night
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