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Published 28th January 2018
Miss Bullard
I am very impressed with your persuasive sentences to Bork and Gork. I think they would definitely enjoy a trip to Spiceball with you Ivy to learn how to swim. Leo and Victoria you have made Rugrats sound very exciting and I think that Bork and Gork would love to go with you. Laura, I am sure Bork and Gork would love to go on the super slide and the fantastic swing at the park! Patryk, I think that Bork and Gork would also love to go bowling with you and maybe even stop for dinner! Well done, super ideas.

Published 8th February 2018
Mrs Reeves
We had an assembly today about how we will be brushing our teeth in school after half term, this will be done after lunch in lunch time. The children shared what they knew about keeping their teeth clean and why it is so important.
If you want to be a "Brighter Smiles" Monitor remember you need to write a letter to me explaining why you would be a great monitor and why it is important to brush your teeth. You can write or type your letter, you can add pictures too. I need to receive your letters in the first week back after the holiday. I look forward to reading them.

Published 10th February 2018
Miss Bullard
Hello Kingfishers! You have all worked really hard this term and I am very impressed with the work you have produced. I hope you have a lovely half term and I look forward to seeing you all ready to start term 4 with lots of enthusiasm and energy!
Published 20th February 2018
Mrs Reeves
We have been learning about King Henry VIII. We have been thinking about what we want to find out about him. Can you write a question or an interesting fact about Henry VIII on the blog.

Published 25th February 2018
Ivy told me about what she has learnt about The Tudors. She told me that Henry VIII cut two of his wives heads off. His wife Jane Seymour was his favourite as she gave him a son and she died. Ivy also told me that children always ate on their own. Rich people ate mainly meat and poor people ate vegetables.

Published 2nd March 2018
Miss Bullard
I hope you are all keeping warm and enjoying the snow today. Over the weekend it would be great if you could draw a picture or create a piece of artwork showing how you have enjoyed the snow. This might be keeping warm indoors, sledging or maybe you have built a snowman. You could also write a sentence describing what you have done. This can be posted onto our blog or written on paper and given to me next week.
Have a lovely weekend and keep warm!