Whole school: Y5/6 Kilvrough residential - January 2018
Posted Thursday 11th January. 9.30am:
Amazing weather on The Gower on Wednesday. The Y6 boys headed out scrambling around the coast line and along the water line from Rhosilli to Mewslade. They used their climbing skills and balance to good effect and continued to show endurance and really compassionate teamwork.
The other two groups caved, missing out on the sunshine but doing brilliantly underground. Everyone achieved all their challenges, even Mrs Ahmed and Miss Hussain. Mrs Smith says she would go every day if she could!.
Every single person is eating and sleeping really well and mostly keep rooms and kit well organised. We are not currently able to upload photos from the centre to the website due to technical difficulties this end. If we can get one or two mobile phone pictures and a good signal, we will try to send something later today.
Last night we had a starlit walk up to Pennard Castle and it was just beautiful. By the time we got back every one ready for bed.Thursday sees Mrs Woods and the boys caving and the rest of the party out on the cliffs for the day. Tonight is packing, tidying and shopping ready for our return tomorrow night after a day beach combing. Please remember we need someone ready at school at 6.45pm to meet the coach, if we are going to be significantly later we will send a text out to the main contact number we have. Looking forward to another great day with great children...

Posted Tuesday 9th January. 8.30pm:
After a good first night and lots of sleep for most people (it was all quiet by 9.30pm), everyone was up for a hearty breakfast and off on their first full day of activities. The Y6 boys in their return trip challenged themselves to some really extreme climbing and abseiling. Using routes usually reserved for secondary pupils they all conquered their fears and met their personal challenges. The abseil from the top was truly a challenge. Their behaviour and attitudes wonderful as they supported each other and worked together as an amazing team.
Both other groups canoed, working in pairs and threes and even as singles in some cases. They took on the challenge of the canal and even managed to play 'heads and shoulders' on the water! Lots of determination meant skills developed quickly and even Miss Hussain made into a boat for a short period of time.
Last night there were scavenger games in the grounds and tonight is den building - really interesting work given it has been raining hard since tea time. The weather is cold but is improving over the next few days and everyone is warm and dry and working really well to be organised with lots of layers and the correct safety kit to keep safe. Ed, Sam and Alex, our leaders, are really impressed so far. Everyone has eaten lots and lots of food and the competition for House Points for the best kept rooms is hotting up.
Tomorrow The Y6 boys group with Mrs Woods will be scrambling around the coast headland - a new activity for them and the other groups are caving. So lots more sleep and rest needed to find the energy for even more adventures...

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